Duluth Wedding Photography

I am really partial to photographing weddings in the Duluth area.  The outdoor locations available for enchanting wedding pictures are limitless.

There are many unique churches and great reception venues.  And the people, DJ's, waitstaff, venue managers, the other photographers in this area, beauticians, and makeup artists all  take pride in their work.   

I appreciate being able to bring my craft to a wedding day.  To interact with the bridal couple, wedding party, families and guests, making people comfortable with me hanging around taking photos of smiles, laughs and tears.

This is the Lester River area.  It is a nice place to stop for photos when you don't have a lot of time, this photo location is right off of the parking lot.

St.Mary's Star of the Sea, a beautiful church in the downtown area of Duluth.

Superior Shores Is just up the shore from Two Harbors and has a beautiful beach area for your ceremony and great photos.

The mezzanine located in the Greysolon  is just one of the many places for photo shoots at this location.

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